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Extend the life of your Home Comfort System while saving money on costly repairs and utility bills.

Did you know that nearly 30% of your utility bill is made up of your cooling and heating costs alone? Routine maintenance is the best way to increase the efficiency of your Home Comfort System, prolong its life, and save you money on both utility bills and costly repairs. Think of your Home Comfort System like a car – there are a number of small, moving parts that need regular cleaning and inspection and wear out over time. Many home and business owners lose a significant amount of money annually as a result of high utility bills due to the inefficient operation of their HVAC system. Manufacturer warranties may even become void without regular maintenance. With regular maintenance, Silverado Mechanical can identify and fix any small issues that would otherwise lead to costly repairs or even replacement of your entire Home Comfort System.

That is why we offer our SEA Agreement, a comprehensive annual agreement which offers our clients regular maintenance, discounts, and reduced service fees.

Our SEA Agreements include 2 annual visits, in which our trained technicians will inspect your system to ensure that it is in optimal working order. This annual agreement also includes tune-ups, priority front-of-the-line service during busy peak seasons, reduced service fees, discounts on repairs, same day replacement on parts*, and most importantly peace of mind knowing that your Home Comfort System is functioning safely and efficiently. Silverado Mechanical will also send you reminders when it is time to schedule your annual visits so you have one less thing to worry about.

What are you waiting for? Call us to sign up today!

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